Simi Mukherjee

After completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Business and Administration at Massey University Simi worked in various roles in Auckland and soon realized she had a strong passion for Facilities Management.

Working in organizations like Hewlett Packard, Westpac and in her most recent role where she managed a portfolio of multiple commercial buildings gives her the confidence and skills to develop and expand a robust Facilities Management system at Property Managers Group. 

Simi takes pride in her interpersonal skills and managing long lasting relations with her clients, team members and service providers.

She loves spending time with her husband and two dogs and has recently moved to Stanmore Bay as she loves being at the beach. Simi enjoys traveling and has visited various Countries around the World.

Simi Mukherjee

Position Group Facilities Manager

Phone 09 320 4698 or 021 782 534


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