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Catherine Tear joins PMG as a Senior Body Corporate Manager

30 November 2018

Catherine Tear joins PMG as a Senior Body Corporate Manager

We’re thrilled to announce the recent appointment of Catherine Tear, who joined PMG as a Senior Body Corporate Manager in September.

Catherine has a wealth of general property and body corporate expertise. She became a Body Corporate Manager in 2011 after eight years working in various property related sectors.

Catherine has assisted hundreds of owners to successfully manage their investments cohesively and guide them through the ever-changing intricacies of legislative requirements. Catherine is renowned for her straightforward approach to managing the administration of unit title developments which creates both a harmonious and enjoyable shared property ownership experience for her clients, while maintaining a focus on maximising their buildings’ value.

Catherine will work closely with, and take over more of the day-to-day operations of PMG’s body corporate business, freeing-up Tony Brindle, Director of PMG Body Corporate to operate in a strategic advisory capacity, utilising his expertise in the industry’s regulatory environment to improve outcomes for our clients.

If you’re looking for an independent and transparent Body Corporate service, please contact Catherine on 027-700 2400

or by email