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Forsite update: PMG trial shows Forsite adds significant value

10 April 2017

Forsite update: PMG trial shows Forsite adds significant value

Simi Mukherjee, PMG Facilities Manager, is responsible for overseeing maintenance across PMG’s rapidly growing national portfolio.

“The biggest challenge in my role has been accountability of contractors,” says Simi. “For example contractors, that I had no knowledge of, go to a site – last month I received a call from my tenant at one of the Auckland buildings we manage, to say that there was an aircon tech in his tenancy. He was not expected on site and was replacing a unit without securing the area or using the required preventative protection equipment. This incident put PMG in a very embarrassing situation. Firstly I would normally inform the tenant prior to sending contractors to their tenancy, and secondly the contractor had not provided a job safety analysis plan and was undertaking the job in an unsafe manner!”

For the past six months Simi has been trialling Forsite across 22 of PMG’s properties. All approved contractors for these properties are now required to have the Forsite App installed on their phones, so they can be automatically detected when arriving on-site.

“Had Forsite been installed on that day, if that same contractor had arrived onsite without a scheduled task and failed to check-in, I would have known immediately,” says Simi. “Now I am able to stop them before they start work – preventing the risk of unsafe practice and in the worst case scenario injury”, she says.

“In another example, we received a quarterly invoice from a maintenance contractor, and we were aware they hadn’t visited the site for the entire quarter. We therefore had to go through the time consuming process of disputing the invoice. With Forsite it is impossible for contractors to claim they have worked on sites they haven’t visited, as all their activity is closely monitored. So, I also believe there’s a great value byproduct, over and above the health & safety aspects, in having greater transparency of contractors”.

The PMG trial now has over 200 contractors using the app. Their feedback has been instrumental in making enhancements to the app’s functionality and ease of use.

“For example, they’ve also fast-tracked the development of induction integration, so now should a contractor arrive onsite without a current induction I will be immediately notified – which is super handy” she says.

All property owners have a responsibility under the Health & Safety Act to have systems in place to identify when a contractor is on-site, why they’re there and what precautions they’ve taken against possible hazards. Forsite has been designed to not just deliver on these critical requirements, but to do so more efficiently for both the contractor and the property owner.

“I’m confident that Forsite is now ready to roll out across the rest of our portfolio and contractors. It’s already made a huge difference to my capacity, for example I no longer spend time checking in to make sure contractors are where they should be – as with the app I can see in real time whether they’re on-site or not,” says Simi. “Most importantly I also have much greater peace of mind that people on my sites are safer  and our investors can have confidence we are, and will be compliant on an ongoing and consistent basis”, says Simi.

If you have any commercial properties outside of Property Managers Group and regularly have contractors on-site then you should consider Forsite.


Simi Mukherjee

Group Facilities Manager