Our History

You can learn a lot about a company by their track record. That’s why we like to promote our history, we think it says a lot about our stability, continuity and performance as a trusted investment partner to our clients, some of them third generation investors.

With over 25 years of history, PMG truly is the sum of our parts – which includes our people, our properties and most importantly the people who’ve invested their trust in us for over 25 years.

PMG was founded by Denis McMahon in 1992, as a specialised property management service for owners of commercial and industrial properties. In 1994 Denis was one of the pioneers of the property syndication industry with his first commercial syndication.

Denis’ strategy was built upon identifying properties within the golden triangle (Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga), which presented opportunities to add value through better management, but were fundamentally solid investments with sustainable income.

He believed in developing personal relationships with, and investing alongside, his investors. So as an owner and investor in properties, he had skin in the game too – a philosophy PMG directors maintain today.


We've been trusted investment managers for over 25 years


By 2013 PMG had grown steadily and significantly and Denis felt it was time for a change of guard to bring some new energy and innovation to the business. He appointed the company’s first CEO, Scott McKenzie, whose strategy was to expand PMG’s investment offerings and further develop property management capability and efficiencies through technology.



In 2014 PMG’s traditional focus of offering single property syndications shifted in response to both regulatory requirements and the observed impacts of the Canterbury earthquakes on the commercial and industrial property sector. Our first unlisted property fund, Pacific Property Fund Limited, was successfully launched, chaired by Denis, offering investors the opportunity to invest in commercial property at lower entry rates and with much greater diversification.

In 2015, to help grow PMG’s investment offerings and seek out new acquisitions for investors, Daniel Lem joined PMG as Head of Investment and Director. Based in PMG’s Auckland office Daniel brings a wealth of acquisition, asset and project management experience to PMG.

In April 2015, PMG established Property Managers Body Corporate, with industry veteran Tony Brindle. Tony has over 30 years of experience in property management rights and is arguably one of New Zealand’s most experienced and qualified body corporate administrators. 

In November 2015, PMG recognised that there was a gap in the market for a reliable and efficient contractor health and safety solution; when it came to property management. PMG formed a joint venture with Simon Yock to develop Forsite. Forsite is a revolutionary digital health and safety tracking, recording, and time management solution which minimises the many risks of contractors working on sites, in real time.

2016 was a significant year in PMG’s history.

In early 2016 Nigel Lowe joined PMG as Chief Financial Officer and Director to strengthen PMG’s financial reporting and compliance processes. Nigel played a significant role in helping PMG to become licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 as a Manager of Managed Investment Schemes (excluding managed funds) ('schemes') which invest in, or own, real property in New Zealand - PMG was one of the first property and funds managers in the country to hold such a license, further testament to our pioneering spirit and trusted reputation.

In October 2016, we opened our Auckland office in Newmarket to enable PMG investors to capitalise on the Auckland property market conditions. This has given us an improved presence within the Auckland market to secure local talent and expertise and enabling PMG’s team to better deliver property management services and pursue quality property acquisition opportunities as as PMG grows.

In late 2016, we achieved the largest ever single capital raise for PMG, $45m which funded the acquisition of three new properties for Pacific Property and the launch of PMG Direct Office Fund which successfully acquired eight properties previously syndicated by PMG. It was extremely humbling to have the majority of the investors in the original syndications choose to transfer their investments into Pacific Property Fund Limited and/or PMG Direct Office Fund. Several of whom have been with us from the very beginning.

In 2017 in collaboration with some of our most loyal investors, we launched PMG Capital Fund, a private equity fund established to facilitate the acquisition of quality real estate into our investment funds.

2017 also saw the launch of the PMG Direct Childcare Fund, an exciting new offering which provides investors with an alternative investment choice, with secure and competitive long-term returns, as well as the chance to participate in the future of New Zealanders – a cause we know many of our investors are passionate about.

Today and into the future, PMG still operates under Denis’ original strategy of investing alongside our investors and building personal relationships – our Directors have ‘skin in the game’, and many of our staff are invested too. Our focus is still on identifying properties that will fundamentally offer sustainable income, but which also offer opportunities through proactive property management to add value.