Apart from the obvious benefits of a lower entry price, investing in an investment fund with a pool of other investors across multiple properties offers greater diversification and improved liquidity – which reduces the risk of single asset and key tenant exposure associated with direct property investment and improves the sustainability of income.

Generally, our sales team can facilitate the sale of your investment within a reasonable time frame. However, there is a risk that your units/shares may not be sold. The ability to buy and sell investments is largely underpinned by the performance of the fund in which you are invested at the time. PMG works to ensure the strong ongoing performance of all funds under management.

Investors can sell their investments privately, after obtaining approval from PMG, or they can utilise PMG’s extensive database to attract a sale. PMG will provide and assist with all the required paperwork which makes the process a simple one.

There are no fees charged by PMG to enter into an investment. If an investor wishes to sell their investment and utilise our secondary market facilitation service, PMG charges a fee of 1.50% + GST on the sale amount. Legal and transactional fees may also apply. PMG charges management fees to each of the entities in the investment offerings. Fees are also charged by third parties (e.g. legal, accounting, trustee/supervisor, valuations). For more information contact PMG

The frequency of distributions differs for each fund:
PMG Direct Office Fund – Monthly
Pacific Property Fund Limited – Quarterly
PMG Direct Childcare Fund – Monthly
PMG Capital Fund - on realisation of investments
Returns are not guaranteed. Cash distributions are discretionary and subject to meeting statutory solvency requirements.

At PMG we pride ourselves on customer service. This extends to providing timely, professional and informative reporting.
We also produce an informative quarterly commercial property newsletter called PropertyLine, We also operate an open door policy and welcome visits from our investors.

An ‘eligible investor’ is a person who has sufficient knowledge and experience dealing in financial products that enables them to sufficiently assess the merits of a transaction, their information needs in relation to the transaction and the adequacy of the information provided by any person in relation to the transaction. To be an ‘eligible investor’ under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMC Act) a person must, before making an investment, certify in writing that they are an eligible investor. This certification must be confirmed by an authorised financial adviser, a chartered accountant or a lawyer.

PMG is licensed by the Financial Markets Authority to manage Managed Investment Schemes (excluding managed funds) which invest in, or own, real property in New Zealand.

The information contained within this investment brochure is not personalised investment advice and readers should always consider taking professional advice before making any investment decision. The selling agents will make a copy of the full Product Disclosure Statement and Advisor Disclosure Statement available for all prospective and existing investors on request and free of charge.

If you are interested in opportunities to invest in new units or shares, please contact a member of our team for the latest information. This brochure is for general information purposes only. No money is currently being sought by Pacific Property Fund Limited or for PMG Direct Office Fund and no shares or units can currently be applied for under an offer or intended offer. When offers are made, they will be made in accordance with the FMC Act.