PMG Direct Childcare Fund

Creating long term sustainable value for our investors.

Targeted Internal Rate of Return
Cents per unit
Projected pre-tax cash distribution return
14.36 years
Weighted average lease term (WALT) on completion
35-45% LVR
Conservative debt to valuation ratio
Forecasted occupancy of established experienced operators

*Correct as of 31/03/2019


PMG Direct Childcare Fund is focused on generating value for investors through the procurement, construction, and growth of a portfolio of early learning education (ECE) centres with a long-term investment horizon. The PMG Direct Childcare Fund is part of PMG’s investment diversification strategy and we are pleased to provide an alternative investment choice for our investors, as well as the opportunity for them to contribute to the education of young New Zealanders.

In key pockets, particularly rapidly growing urban locations in metropolitan centres, parents are demanding higher quality from the ECE sector. ECE demand is also supported by a strong government focus and incentivisation package for children aged 3-5.

PMG Direct Childcare Fund will be underpinned by experienced childcare operators on long-term leases, to provide secure and stable income for investors. We have developed a partnership with an experienced childcare centre developer, who has extensively researched and developed a fit-for-purpose model for properties that best facilitates early learning.

Fund Strategy

In partnership with leading childcare developers grow a quality portfolio of new build ECE properties in key strategic locations, based on analysis of demographic data, across major New Zealand metropolitan centres.

Fund Goal

Create long term sustainable value for our investors through a portfolio of quality ECEs secured on long term lease terms. Whilst providing the best start for the children in our communities, through the provision of quality fit for purpose early childhood learning centres.

Target Size


Open to eligible wholesale investors only.



Prospective investors are recommended to seek professional advice from an Authorised Financial Adviser which takes into account their personal circumstances. The Sales team do not provide personalised advice. No person may offer, invite any shares or distribute any documents (including an Information Memorandum) to any person outside New Zealand without the approval of the Property Managers Group.

*The gross distribution return is indicative only. The target cash distribution is net of expenses but before tax and performance fees.

**Target internal rate of return net of expenses, but before tax and performance fees for the full financial year to 3 March 2019.

***Eligible wholesale investors refers to persons who fall within the definition of “wholesale investor” under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. Further information on the definition of “wholesale investor” will be set out in the Information Memorandum which will be provided on request to prospective investors.





Childcare Property 1, Auckland


Childcare Property 2, Christchurch


Childcare Property 3, Blenheim


Childcare Property 4, Pukekohe


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