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PMG Direct Childcare Fund: Investing in our future generations

10 April 2017

PMG Direct Childcare Fund: Investing in our future generations

In 2012¹ the Government set itself the goal of ensuring 98% of all children, aged between three and five years old, attend a quality early learning centre prior to starting primary school. It committed $80 million over four years to achieve this, which included providing subsidies to early learning centres to ensure their fees were affordable.

However, by the end of 2016 this target of 98% was not reached. In our view, more needs to be done to invest in our future generations. In response to a growing need for more early learning centres, PMG has entered into a partnership with a specialised early learning centre planner and developer to establish quality childcare properties across New Zealand.

PMG Director and Head of Investment, Daniel Lem, says PMG will create a dedicated childcare property fund comprising of multiple centres across New Zealand. “PMG Direct Childcare Fund is part of PMG’s strategy for diversified investment offerings,” says Daniel. “We’re pleased to be able to provide another alternative investment choice for our investors, as well as the opportunity for them to contribute to the education of young New Zealanders - a cause so many of us are very passionate about.” “The Fund is also part of a wider PMG initiative to use the skills that we have, as property professionals, to help tackle issues in the community,” he says.

PMG Direct Childcare Fund will be underpinned by experienced childcare operators on long-term lease contracts, and will provide secure and stable income for investors. Our partners are experts in connecting existing operators with suitable sites for early childhood education, as well as project and development management. Early learning centres reinforce what children are learning at home and in the community. They provide experiences in numeracy, literacy and science, but through the child’s preferences and choices in free play. While time in a loving, secure home is vital to their development, learning in a new environment gives children a chance to make friends, master new skills and learn to trust people outside of their family. “For PMG this is all a part of helping to support the welfare, education and prosperity of New Zealanders in the longer term,” says Daniel.

For further information about PMG Direct Childcare Fund please contact Matt McHardy at our Tauranga office,


Matt McHardy

Authorised Financial Advisor