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Spotlight on: Tony Brindle, PMG Body Corporate Director

10 April 2017

Spotlight on: Tony Brindle, PMG Body Corporate Director

What was your previous experience prior to PMG?

I came from 30 years in the accommodation/hospitality industry, owning a boutique corporate hotel. I then became involved in owning management rights of apartment complexes. This is when it became so apparent that some form of proper administration of the 2010 Unit Titles Act was desperately needed. As a result, I was one of a select few in NZ to offer professional services to assist in transparent administrating of body corporates.

How did you come to work with PMG?

Originally PMG contracted me to draft new body corporate rules and budgets for a project they were working on. Working together went so well that the PMG Directors approached me and proposed that there would be strength in body corporate administration being a part of the core offering from PMG.

What attracted you to working with PMG?

The Directors’ enthusiasm, drive, professionalism, company structure, and their people and skill set.

What do you bring to the PMG team?

Body Corporate Administration and Consulting, professional knowledge and approach, Unit Titles Act and Regulations expertise, as well a positive outlook and drive to be the best we can be.

What are you passionate about?

Being a real person, going home to my wife and family every day, with the knowledge that I have achieved, prospered, smiled, been the best I can be and the knowledge that I am still above ground.