Making commercial property investment accessible for more New Zealanders, with a lower minimum investment requirement.

pmg Generation Fund
Metrics are current as of 30/06/2020
5.80* cpu

Total portfolio






Loan-to-value ratio



diversified mix



diversified mix

4 yrs

Average Lease
Term (WALT)

*Forecast gross cash distribution return per month (cents per unit annualised), as of 30 June 2020. Metrics are correct as of 30/06/2020. Prospective investors are recommended to seek professional advice from a Authorised Financial Advisor who takes into account their personal circumstances.


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PMG Generation Fund is a robust, diversified commercial property fund holding high quality, newer commercial properties which are located in main metropolitan centres across New Zealand and are home to national and multi-national tenants such as Coca Cola Amatil, Euro Steel and Torpedo7.

The properties held by PMG Generation Fund have excellent occupancy levels and lease terms. The Fund also makes it easier for investors of many generations to invest, with a 24-hour fully digitised application, onboarding and investment tracking online portal, and a reduced minimum investment amount.

The Fund provides investors with a monthly cash distribution and future features of the Fund will include the ability for investors to reinvest their monthly cash distributions to achieve the benefits of compounding interest and the ability to invest small amounts often.

The intention (subject to regulatory approval) for the Fund is to also invest in other unlisted property funds and listed property vehicles, ultimately providing greater diversification (spread of risk) and providing improved liquidity, i.e. investors will have more flexibility to buy and sell units if desired.

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Read PMG Generation Fund's Informational Flyer (correct at 02/25/2020) here.

Fund Strategy

PMG Generation Fund’s strategy is to invest and grow a portfolio of strategically selected direct and indirect commercial property assets (with financially resilient tenants) that provide tenant, geographic and asset class diversification across New Zealand, alongside delivering investors a regular and reliable income return and growth in value over time.

Fund Goal

To provide ease of access to commercial property investment for more New Zealanders so they too can enjoy the benefits of regular and reliable income over time, and provide improved liquidity via diversification of assets and investors.

Property portfolio

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With a range of investment funds to suit New Zealanders of all ages and stages, it's easier than you may think to invest. Give one of our knowledgeable PMG Investor Relationships Managers a call for a no-obligation chat, or visit our FAQ page.

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Rory Diver

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4 steps to investing with pmg

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1. Reach out

To start investing with PMG, register your contact details via phone or email. Alternatively, make an enquiry via our contact form and we’ll have someone from our Investment Relationships Team meet you.

Watch PMG’s history video to learn more about our approach to commercial property investments, along with the five funds within the company. We encourage you to speak with a friend or family member who knows us, and we also recommend you chat with a financial adviser for specific advice to suit your unique situation.

Look through our current investment offers to find the right PMG fund to suit you. After downloading, carefully review the associated Product Disclosure Statement(s) for the offer(s) you’re interested in. Investing with us is straightforward – either apply online using our secure and confidential investor portal, via the printable form on each fund page, or reach out to your local PMG office to fill out the relevant paperwork.

Our lines of communication are always open. If you have any questions, reach out to your local PMG Investor Relationships Manager. Whether it’s a general catch up or discussion around the latest developments with your investment, we’re here to help.