Turn into a money superstar.

Find out how the pmg Flip tool is helping young Kiwis grasp the fundamentals of money management.

PMG Financial Literacy Programme (PMG Flip)

At the PMG Charitable Trust we’re on a mission to build better financial futures for young New Zealanders. We know talking about money matters can feel ‘taboo/tapu’, and for some young people, confusing and boring.

Yet it’s a fundamental skill we all need in life.

That’s why, in conjunction with our good friends at Life Education Trust NZ, we have developed PMG Flip.


About PMG Flip

PMG Flip is an interactive, infotainment-styled online financial literacy tool, which aims to help young people grasp the fundamental principles of money management in an engaging way.

Designed with 14- and 15-year-olds (Year 10) in mind, it has also been successfully used by older and younger age groups.


What's covered?

Four modules, covering key financial literacy concepts

  • Debt
  • Savings
  • Deferred Payment
  • KiwiSaver

Using short (2.5 mins) videos, young actors portray money management scenarios across the four.

Interactive Learning

Each video is followed by a short (4 – 6 minute) quiz to reiterate understand and stimulate debate.

Videos aim to bring a light-headed and humourous approach to the basics of money management.

Click here to view a short trailer of the modules.

PMGCT FLIP landing2

Why use FLIP?

After using PMG Flip, over 86% of students were able to tell the difference between good and bad debt.

84% said they would be

  • more careful about getting into debt,
  • save more,
  • not use a credit card unless they can pay the amount off in full,
  • research before using debt products and consider only good debt not bad.

70% said they would join KiwiSaver.

13% they would learn more about KiwiSaver.

87% could identify risky spending behaviour, with deferred payment schemes.
78.5% of teachers and organisers using PMG Flip said they would recommend the programme to others.

“The tool was broken up into sections well and the content was very engaging.”

“I found the online Flip program resources excellent.”

Who's using it?

  • Secondary Schools
  • Youth groups/organisations
  • Community organisations
  • Other education support groups

For Teachers/Youth Organisers: You do not require any prior knowledge of money matters to run this programme with your cohorts.

What do you need to use the tool?

For schools, youth, community and not for profit organisations PMG Charitable Trust provides this free of charge.

All you need is online access and we’ll provide the rest.

Accessing PMG Flip

It's easy to access the PMG Flip! All you need is the online password.

To request the password, and to find out more information email Bridget Lem.