Imagine if you knew back then, what you know now.

Together we can help young New Zealanders achieve financial independence.


Financial inequality is one of the biggest issues our country faces, yet we are not preparing our children and grandchildren to deal with it.

The PMG Charitable Trust was set up specifically to address this and help build the financial futures of young New Zealanders. We believe everyone has the right to financial success, but not everyone has the know-how.

Watch this short video on why PMG Funds’ established the Trust and its activities.

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Our Purpose.

To help build the financial futures of young New Zealanders, through education, connection and collaboration with PMG Funds and its stakeholders.

The Trust achieves this by being involved in and supporting the following organisations.

What we do:

Supporting and funding the delivery of impactful financial literacy programmes in schools targeted at Year 10 (14- and 15-year-old) students.

Developing and maintaining engaging financial literacy tool(s) for students and young New Zealanders to use inside and out, of the classroom.

Collaborating with credible organisations working to support 18 to 25 year old school leavers, apprentices, and students as well as disadvantaged or disengaged young people, by providing financial literacy knowledge and experience into their existing programmes.

Positively influencing providers (and supporters) of financial literacy programmes to work together to improve the financial futures of young New Zealanders more than their education currently provides.

Young New Zealander’s we support:

Secondary school students in year 10 (aged 14 and 15 years) who are eligible to be in their first paid employment.

School leavers, older students, apprentices aged 18 to 25 years who may be managing their own money for the first time.

Youth with limited access to, and at risk of being disengaged with, education, training or employment.

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The impact we’ve had since early 2021.

$392,416 raised since the Trust's inception in 2021.

21,000 Year 10 students through our partners, Life Education Trust New Zealand (LETNZ) SMART$ Financial Literacy programme.

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500 Year 10 students piloted PMG flip - our online financial literacy tool. Results show high engagement, understanding, and teacher support.

Delivered financial literacy workshops to 200 Graeme Dingle Foundation Career Navigator participants.

Measured the performance of the programmes, and their Social Return on Investment (SROI).

Joined industry partnerships including Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC's) National Strategy for Financial Capability Partnership, and the Education Partnership and Innovation Trust.

PMG Financial Literacy Tool.

The PMG Charitable Trust is developing a digital financial literacy product which will be delivered directly to year 10 students and our partners’ programme participants around New Zealand. It is a tool our partners do not currently have and have asked the PMG Charitable Trust to build, own and deliver for them.

Once developed the tool could be used with over 5000 year 10 students, in its first year and is highly scalable to be used by many more students and young New Zealanders. The PMG Charitable Trust is working with educators, teachers, students, financial experts, our delivery partners and utilising the knowledge of the PMG Funds’ team, to develop the tool.



The development cost is estimated at $200,000. This is our fundraising goal.

Join a team of dedicated and passionate experts with the resources to make a real difference to the financial futures of young New Zealanders.

Together we can improve the financial literacy of young New Zealanders.

You can make an immediate donation via the below bank account. You will receive a donation receipt and tax credits are available for all donations (up to 33.3%). Please ensure your full name is inserted into the Reference section of your payment.

PMG Charitable Trust (CC58801)

Bank Account number: 12–3221–0010409–00

More information.

If you would like to speak to a PMG Charitable Trust Trustee call us on

PHONE +64 7 578 3494


Pay it forward as a Donor or Corporate Partner.

Without the generous support of our Foundation Donors the PMG Charitable Trust would not have achieved so much. It is with sincere gratitude we thank the following individuals for their funding and belief in the Trust’s endeavours.

Greg and Paula Dickson

Scott and Elly McKenzie
Christine Mansell

Bridget and Daniel Lem

Doug Northey and Liz Longworth

Vernon & Barbara Pain

Lorraine Gardner

Nigel and Melanie Lowe

Gail Coughlan

Matthew and Hannah McHardy

Stuart and Kaaren Davey

Jamie Reid and Maria Elliot

Adrian and Linda Baker

Yvonne and Bruce Oxenham

Warwick De Vere

Anthony Morris

Liz Lim

PMG Charitable Trust Trustees

Scott McKenzie
Scott McKenzie

Chief Executive Officer & Director


Nigel Lowe
Nigel Lowe

Chief Financial Officer & Director


Matt McHardy
Matt McHardy

General Manager Investor Relationships


Bridget Lem
Bridget Lem

GM & Trustee PMG Charitable Trust


Liz Gibbs
Liz Gibbs

Independent Board Trustee


Jamie Reid
Jamie Reid

General Manager Property


Cecila Burgess
Cecila Burgess