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Tenant Focus: New Zealand Lifestyle Imports

10 April 2017

Tenant Focus: New Zealand Lifestyle Imports

At PMG we make it a priority to support our tenants and give them the assistance they require when attending to their property needs. When NZ Lifestyle Imports approached us, our response was received with open arms.

NZ Lifestyle Imports, founded in 2009 in Tauranga, began as a continuation of retail stores, owned by current business owner Gary Jefferson. What began as Discount Furniture, was later reinvented as NZ Lifestyle Imports.

NZ Lifestyle Imports saw an oportunity in the market to supply children’s beds and bunks. At the time no other NZ supplier was catering for the demand in this space.

When NZ Lifestyle Imports began importing, they did not have their own physical site. They were initially sharing a leased area from a local freight company, with an estimated floor space of approximately 180sqm. As their business began to grow, and they started importing more products, inevitably they needed a new site with greater floor space and workspace capacity.

To help with the search for new premises, NZ lifestyle Imports approached PMG. Previously, NZ Lifestyle Imports had never worked with a property management firm, as all of their buildings were leased by the building owner. PMG took the time to get to know NZ Lifestyle Imports, and to get a good understanding of their needs; in terms of building size, warehousing and accessories.

“PMG advised us all the way throughout the various stages; where things were at and what was happening next. Once we signed the lease, building work started almost immediately. Everything we requested or talked about was discussed and implemented the best way possible to suit both parties”.

“Working with PMG was a breath of fresh air,” says Gary.

With the size of his current work place, 1165sqm, his small team has an abundance of space to continue to grow and import quality goods from around the world.