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PMG is one of New Zealand’s most established and trusted licensed property fund managers. For 30 years, we have maintained a track record of stability, continuity and performance through changing economic environments.

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Pacific Property Fund Limited is one of the largest, most established and diversified unlisted commercial property funds available directly to New Zealand investors.

Since 2014, Pacific Property Fund Limited has provided our clients with regular, reliable cash returns alongside long-term growth of their investment capital. To further strengthen the fund, we’re seeking to increase its weighting in the thriving industrial sector.

We have identified an opportunity to strengthen the Pacific Property Fund and position it for the future with the acquisition of quality industrial buildings in Whangārei and Hamilton. These additions will take the number of buildings within the portfolio to 23 with a combined value of $471 million. Importantly, while maintaining geographic and sector diversification, they will also increase the portfolio weighting in New Zealand’s stand-out industrial sector to 68 percent.

Pacific Property Fund Limited

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“We have found the consistent and reliable returns from our investment in PMG funds to be totally dependable in comparison to farming, which can vary considerably from year to year.

We have total confidence in the management of the PMG commercial property funds we are invested in. Virtually none of our time or energy is required to manage this investment yet it gives us our largest source of income. We also find further comfort in the diversity of properties and spread across sectors and regions that the investment offers.

The returns and capital growth from our investment in the funds give us the financial confidence to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle than a large farming business with all its risks and hassles could offer.

We have the time and tools to do more of what we enjoy other than working. This includes time off the farm at the beach with the family or enjoying outdoor activities like mountain biking, motorcycles and water sports."

Jacob and Sheree Horton.


The offer is for shares to be issued in Pacific Property Fund Limited by Pacific Property Fund Limited. A Product Disclosure Statement for the offer is available and can be obtained by visiting

Pacific Property Fund Limited, PMG, and members of the PMG Investor Relationships Team, do not provide advice. No person may offer, invite any offers or distribute any documents (including a Product Disclosure Statement) to any person outside New Zealand without the approval of Pacific Property Fund Limited and PMG. The forecast gross cash return is for the prospective period from 1 September 2022 to 31 March 2024. It is stated before tax, based on forecast gross distributions per annum expressed as a percentage of the expected share price.

Indicative key metrics of the fund are forecast as at 31 August 2022 assuming successful completion of the current investment offer, and ownership of the Fund’s existing properties plus the acquisition of the Fund’s three target properties, amongst other factors. The indicative key metrics are all stated based on draft management information and are subject to change.