$800m+* of commercial property,
entrusted to our care.

Our in-house commercial property managers deliver added value.

Our strong business acumen to develop strategic plans for capital and rental income growth, plus a hands-on approach fostering long-term tenant and supplier relationships, ultimately delivers greater occupancy, lease terms and valuations.

Now you can invest in property without having to change a light bulb. Thanks to our expert in-house asset and facilities commercial property managers, investing in property means there’s no need to worry about managing tenants or doing maintenance. We take care of it for you, so you can get the most out of your properties and the most value out of your investment.

Not only do we manage all the properties owned by our six unlisted commercial property funds, but thanks to our scale, expertise and systems, private landlords also trust us to manage their properties.

*As of 30 September 2023

We take care of it, so you can get the most out of your properties.

We live and breathe commercial property management

43 Seaview Road, Wellington

43 Seaview Road, Wellington

El Prado Drive, Palmerston North

El Prado Drive, Palmerston North

665B Main Highway, Auckland

665B Main Highway, Auckland

Vodafone Building, Christchurch

Vodafone Building, Christchurch

410 Victoria Street, Hamilton

410 Victoria Street, Hamilton

697L Truman Lane, Mt Maunganui

697L Truman Lane, Mt Maunganui

46 Spring Street, Tauranga

46 Spring Street, Tauranga

697L Truman Lane, Mt Maunganui

697L Truman Lane, Mt Maunganui

Hibiscus Coast Highway 12

Hibiscus Coast Highway 12

Led by senior asset and facilities managers with over 100 years of combined, specialist commercial property experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

From our property management team right through to our board, we are passionate property people.

Our properties and those under our care, range from large scale industrial parks to ‘green-star’ rated office buildings and smaller mixed-use office and retail properties, nationwide.

Are you a tenant or real estate agent looking for some great space to help your client thrive? For the latest available opportunities, view our property listings and know you will be in great hands.

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Our services - leverage our scale and experience

As an investor and owner of property you can leverage many advantages that only an experienced property manager with scale, expertise and systems can provide. These include market leading maintenance and repair request software, preferred supplier programme and a cutting-edge health and safety contractor management system.

Our fresh approach to property strategy delivers value for clients that result in improved rental income and value gains for our clients. Whether as simple as adjusting a carpark configuration, identifying signage rights, working alongside tenants to accommodate growth or a complete property re-positioning.

Services we offer our investors, landlords and tenants:

Asset Management

Contractor Management

24/7 Help desk

Health & Safety


Facilities Management

Car Park Leasing

Project Management

Financial Management

“We decided to invest in PMG because we wanted to take time back, in the knowledge our investments are being professionally managed by a team passionate about getting the best value and returns for their investors.

Initially we invested a sum across PMG’s investment funds. The financial performance of PMG's funds has been consistent and reliable. As a result, we have continued to invest more.”

Adrian & Linda Baker

“We wanted to invest in something, using the equity in the farm to borrow against, and reinvest in an income-producing investment to even out the ebbs and flows of farming. As a funds manager, everything PMG says it will do in its Product Disclosure Statements is delivered on. The PMG team is trustworthy, genuine, smart and approachable. They operate an open-door policy for their investors. You can see how everyone in the PMG team strives to achieve great results.”

Craig Garrett

“We wanted to remain invested in property, but have someone else manage it for us.

With PMG, we’re as happy as hell; the cheques keep rolling in. We lead a pretty good life, we don’t have to worry about much at all.”

Bruce & Yvonne Oxenham

“Transparent. Ultimately, they are trustworthy and I have a lot of respect for what PMG is doing. You have delivered a 100% on my expectations of what you said would do.”

Hadleigh Ford

PMG were very receptive to our request to extend our premises. They have taken a real interest in the Tui business and genuinely care about our success.”

Former managing director of Tui Products Limited Don Forgie

“The support shown... during a period that has no doubt also been very challenging for landlords, provided very welcome financial relief for Te Rito Maioha. We were also very appreciative of the speed at which you were able to work through a rent relief solution to share the burden of COVID-19 in a meaningful and tangible way with Te Rito Maioha. We look forward to continuing our association with PMG.”

Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood NZ Chief Executive Kathy Wolf

"We've had rentals for a very long time, so that income can be up and down, whereas we know the money from PMG will be coming each quarter. It allows us to plan ahead, financially and within our life, and know that the money is going to be there."

Donna & Sam Opie

"The great thing about PMG Generation Fund is that you can invest a small amount. I'd say to young people, it's actually never too soon to invest a small amount, if it's $1000, or $5000. It has a way of growing. I'd like to see more young people think about that. In life you can spend some money – but you also need to save money."

Donna Opie

Staff now actively think about recycling thanks to PMG’s efforts. They’ve tidied up the whole area outside with signs, and the bins are all clean. PMG has come in and given us talks on how to do the recycling – they’ve done a really good job.

Sonia Warring, Office Manager, Stephenson and Turner.

We have found the consistent and reliable returns from our investment in PMG funds to be totally dependable in comparison to farming, which can vary considerably from year to year.

Jacob and Sherrie Horton

We have total confidence in the management of the PMG commercial property funds we are invested in. Virtually none of our time or energy is required to manage this investment yet it gives us our largest source of income. We also find further comfort in the diversity of properties and spread across sectors and regions that the investment offers.

Jacob and Sheree Horton

The returns and capital growth from our investment in the funds give us the financial confidence to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle than a large farming business with all its risks and hassles could offer.

Jacob and Sheree Horton

We have the time and tools to do more of what we enjoy other than working. This includes time off the farm at the beach with the family or enjoying outdoor activities like mountain biking, motorcycles and water sports.

Jacob and Sheree Horton