You've worked hard, it's time your money did too.

Creating value and security for people in property, to help New Zealanders achieve financial freedom.

Proven performance, regular and reliable. Invest in your tomorrow.

Since 1992, we’ve been invested in delivering long term sustainability and value for our investors, through proactive management and portfolio diversification.

Are you looking for a solid investment that will help build your wealth and support your income? PMG’s five unlisted commercial property funds provide you with a regular (either monthly or quarterly) cash income – without you having to lift a finger – as well as value growth over time.

It’s well-known that no one cares for your property as well as you do. Our in-house property management team have the expertise to add value to your investment through proactive asset management, lease negotiations, refurbishment or repositioning of the properties in our funds. The result is greater occupancy, lease terms and property values and therefore, improved returns for investors.

“We believe in building trusted relationships with, and investing alongside, our investors. So when it comes to sharing both the risks and returns, our directors and team have skin in the game too.”

Our Investment Funds - choices to suit your comfort level

With five unlisted commercial property investment funds that provide choice, affordable entry levels and suit different risk appetites, investing in commercial property has never been so accessible.

5.26% p.a. Actual gross cash return*
pmg Generation Fund

A growing portfolio of strategically selected industrial, office and large format retail property assets diversified by region, sector and tenant. Investors also have the ability to reinvest their distributions from any PMG fund into additional PMG Generation Fund units (subject to availability) using the PMG Reinvestment Plan.

* Actual gross cash return for the quarter ending 31/03/2022 (annualised gross distribution in cents per unit expressed as a percentage of the latest board approved unit price). Other metrics are stated as at 31/03/2022. An update to the board approved unit price is due to be provided next quarter.
5.74% p.a. Actual gross cash return*
Pacific Property Fund Limited

PMG’s largest portfolio of quality industrial, office and retail properties across main metropolitan centres in New Zealand.

* Actual gross cash return for the quarter ending 31/03/2022 (annualised gross distribution in cents per share expressed as a percentage of the latest board approved share price). Other metrics are stated as at 31/03/2022.
5.34% p.a. Actual gross cash return*
pmg Direct Office Fund

A sector-specific portfolio of quality office properties with diversified tenants in New Zealand's main metropolitan centres.

*Actual gross cash return for the quarter ending 30/06/2022 (annualised distribution cents per unit expressed as a percentage of the unit price, subject to board approval). Other metrics are stated as at 31/12/2021.
5.56% p.a. Actual gross cash return*
pmg Direct Childcare Fund

A sector-specific portfolio of premium quality, new build early childhood education (ECE) centres in key locations throughout New Zealand.

*Actual gross cash return for the quarter ending 30/06/2022 (annualised distribution cents per unit expressed as a percentage of the unit price, subject to board approval). Other metrics are stated as at 31/12/2021.
pmg Capital Fund Limited

Private equity fund focused on facilitating acquisition of quality real estate for PMG's investment funds to hold for the long term.

*Information provided on enquiry.

Our secondary market sales facilitation service helps you stay agile, assisting you to buy and sell shares or units in PMG funds, by connecting you with other investors.

“We decided to invest in PMG because we wanted to take time back, in the knowledge our investments are being professionally managed by a team passionate about getting the best value and returns for their investors.

Initially we invested a sum across PMG’s investment funds. The financial performance of PMG's funds has been consistent and reliable. As a result, we have continued to invest more.”

Adrian & Linda Baker

“We wanted to invest in something, using the equity in the farm to borrow against, and reinvest in an income-producing investment to even out the ebbs and flows of farming. As a funds manager, everything PMG says it will do in its Product Disclosure Statements is delivered on. The PMG team is trustworthy, genuine, smart and approachable. They operate an open-door policy for their investors. You can see how everyone in the PMG team strives to achieve great results.”

Craig Garrett

“We wanted to remain invested in property, but have someone else manage it for us.

With PMG, we’re as happy as hell; the cheques keep rolling in. We lead a pretty good life, we don’t have to worry about much at all.”

Bruce & Yvonne Oxenham

“Transparent. Ultimately, they are trustworthy and I have a lot of respect for what PMG is doing. You have delivered a 100% on my expectations of what you said would do.”

Hadleigh Ford

PMG were very receptive to our request to extend our premises. They have taken a real interest in the Tui business and genuinely care about our success.”

Former managing director of Tui Products Limited Don Forgie

“The support shown... during a period that has no doubt also been very challenging for landlords, provided very welcome financial relief for Te Rito Maioha. We were also very appreciative of the speed at which you were able to work through a rent relief solution to share the burden of COVID-19 in a meaningful and tangible way with Te Rito Maioha. We look forward to continuing our association with PMG.”

Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood NZ Chief Executive Kathy Wolf

"We've had rentals for a very long time, so that income can be up and down, whereas we know the money from PMG will be coming each quarter. It allows us to plan ahead, financially and within our life, and know that the money is going to be there."

Donna & Sam Opie

"The great thing about PMG Generation Fund is that you can invest a small amount. I'd say to young people, it's actually never too soon to invest a small amount, if it's $1000, or $5000. It has a way of growing. I'd like to see more young people think about that. In life you can spend some money – but you also need to save money."

Donna Opie

Staff now actively think about recycling thanks to PMG’s efforts. They’ve tidied up the whole area outside with signs, and the bins are all clean. PMG has come in and given us talks on how to do the recycling – they’ve done a really good job.

Sonia Warring, Office Manager, Stephenson and Turner.

Meet your investor relationships team

With a range of investment funds to suit New Zealanders of all ages and stages, it's easier than you may think to invest. Give one of our knowledgeable pmg Investor Relationships Managers a call for a no-obligation chat, or visit our FAQ page.

Matt McHardy
Matt McHardy

General Manager Investor Relationships


Rory Diver
Rory Diver

Investor Relationships Manager – Waikato, Auckland and Northland


Ben Cant
Ben Cant

Investor Relationships Manager - South Island


Matt Topham
Matt Topham

Investor Relationships Associate - Tauranga


Kay Karl
Kay Karl

Investor Relationships Support


Lorena Zanesco
Lorena Zanesco

Investor Relationships Associate - Tauranga (maternity leave)


4 steps to investing with pmg

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1. Reach out

To start investing with PMG, register your contact details via phone or email. Alternatively, make an enquiry via our contact form and we’ll have someone from our Investment Relationships Team meet you.

Watch PMG’s history video to learn more about our approach to commercial property investments, along with the five funds within the company. We encourage you to speak with a friend or family member who knows us, and we also recommend you chat with a Financial Advice Provider for specific advice to suit your unique situation.

Look through our current investment offers to find the right PMG fund to suit you. After downloading, carefully review the associated Product Disclosure Statement(s) for the offer(s) you’re interested in. Investing with us is straightforward – either apply online using our secure and confidential investor portal, via the printable form on each fund page, or reach out to your local PMG office to fill out the relevant paperwork.

Our lines of communication are always open. If you have any questions, reach out to your local PMG Investor Relationships Manager. Whether it’s a general catch up or discussion around the latest developments with your investment, we’re here to help.

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