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Meet our Investors

27 February 2018

Meet our Investors

Adrian & Linda Baker

- Taking time back

It was nearly 20 years ago when Adrian Baker’s father Lloyd placed his funds and trust with PMG.  Fast forward to the present day and Adrian and wife Linda have been invested across six of PMG’s managed funds and syndications for over three years. 

Like many of our investors, Adrian and Linda have worked hard to be able to invest in the property and funds they do today.   From the Waikato, they owned and ran a dairy and chicken farm as well as running an electrical business and raising three children.  Following the sale of their electrical business, Adrian and Linda invested some of their funds with PMG and moved to Papamoa.  

Their days are now spent renovating their home, keeping an eye on their property investments, and spending more time with their three children and enjoying fishing, diving, golf, yoga, and travel.  We asked them a few questions about how they have found investing with PMG.

How did you hear about PMG?
My father had been enjoying a hassle-free, sustainable income-generating investment with good returns for 17 years when we asked him for advice about where to invest.  It was upon his glowing recommendation of the PMG team and investment funds that we decided to invest with them.

What were you looking for in an investment?
We were looking for trouble-free investments, so as not to add to the workload we already had alongside the management of other commercial property we owned and were managing personally. Managing commercial property is a full-time job. It takes a lot of time and energy, especially to do it properly and ensure you get the most out of your investment.   

Why did you choose to invest with PMG?
We decided to invest in PMG because as we move towards full retirement we don’t want to manage any more investments. We’d like to take a bit more time back, knowing our investments are being professionally managed by a team passionate about getting the best value and returns for their investors.

The diversified structure of PMG’s funds also offered us an option to spread our investment portfolio across a wider range of investments (or properties) than we could achieve independently.

We also liked the idea that the directors and PMG team make every effort to get to know their investors and are in regular contact with updates on how your investment is performing. 


"We also didn’t want all our

eggs in one or two baskets."

How have you found the performance of your investments with PMG?
Three years ago we invested a large sum across six of PMG’s investment funds and syndicates.  Their financial performance has been consistent and reliable. As a result, we have continued to invest more since that initial experience.