Matt McHardy, Head of Sales & Investment

Investment Strategy

PMG’s innovative selection of property portfolios caters for the differing needs of investors, providing greater choice and reduced risk through improved liquidity, diversification, and sustainable income over time.

PMG’s investment strategy is to deliver long term sustainability and value growth for investors through proactive management and innovative portfolio diversification.

In the current environment of global economic uncertainty, volatility and a continually changing geopolitical landscape, focusing on greater diversification is essential in managing investment risk.

Our strategy to achieve greater diversification is to offer a range of both diversified and sector specific investment funds. Within each investment fund we acquire multiple quality properties offering a diversity of buildings and tenants which creates a robust investment vehicle offering greater economies of scale, more reliable cashflows, and improved liquidity.

Whilst each of our funds differ in terms of types and composition of the properties they invest in, fundamentally our strategy is to identify properties where our expertise as long term property owners and managers can improve value through strategic leasing, smart and safe maintenance and finding opportunities to add value.

Strategically, PMG targets properties valued between $5m - $40m, as we believe there are improved opportunities to purchase these properties on attractive terms due to more limited competition from individual investors and larger listed property funds in this segment of the market.


Our Investment Funds

Our Values

Invested- our team will be 100% invested in achieving the best outcome for our investors.

Trusted- our actions will ensure our investors continue to maintain confidence in our ability.

Integrity- we always act honestly and fairly.

Proactivity- we will continually strive to ensure we are creating value for our investors.

Available- our investors can talk to or meet any member of the team.

Innovative- we are always looking for a better way for our clients.

Approachable- good personal relationships are the backbone of PMG.

Our Promise

We’re invested in building a relationship you can trust. We do this through delivering on our promises, taking time to get to know you personally, and by keeping in touch regularly - both in person and through market leading technology.

A relationship is two-sided, we enjoy hearing from our investors and in turn they feel comfortable being able to pick up the phone and talk to, or meet, with any member of our team.

That’s why we’ve got investors who’ve been with us for 25 years and now so are their children and grandchildren.

We don’t know of any other property and funds managers who can say that.

Investment License

Property Managers Limited is licensed under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 as a manager of Managed Investment Schemes (excluding managed funds) ('schemes') which invest in, or own, real property in New Zealand.

Members of the Sales & Investment team are not providing personalised advice. As such, prospective investors are recommended to seek professional advice from an authorised financial adviser which takes into account their personal circumstances before making any investment decisions. Disclosure statements are available from Sales & Investment team members on request and free of charge.