Pacific Property Fund Limited

A diversified property portfolio of high quality industrial, office and commercial properties geographically spread across the upper North Island. Offering excellent occupancy, lease terms and a conservative loan to valuation ratio.

Total portfolio value
7.25 Cents per Share
Projected cash distribution (p.a) ($1.04 Share price)
97% Occupancy
Portfolio occupancy

PMG Direct Office Fund

A portfolio of office properties largely in main metropolitan areas across New Zealand, offering excellent capital growth potential, through proactive management focused on building refurbishment and leasing.

Cents per unit
Projected pre-tax cash distribution return
38% LVR
Conservative debt to value ratio
53 tenants
Diversified tenant mix

PMG Capital Fund Limited

PMG Capital Fund is a real estate private equity fund aimed at providing above average investment returns and defined exit strategies for qualified wholesale investors.

Target Return
Return on weighted average called capital
3 year
Investment horizon to Sept 2022
100% of NPAT distributed

PMG Direct Childcare Fund

A fund offering opportunities in a sought-after property investment sector which is dedicated to supporting the next generation of New Zealanders through the development and proactive management of industry-leading childcare centres.

Targeted Internal Rate of Return
Cents per unit
Projected pre-tax cash distribution return
15.5 years (on completion)
Weighted average lease term (WALT) on completion