Sustainability at the heart of JT Group and PMG partnership

At PMG, we’re committed to making positive, lasting impacts within the property and investment sectors within Aotearoa.

Our goal is to lead the unlisted property funds sector in the reduction of waste, energy and water consumption, and one of the ways in which we do this is through partnering with like-minded, innovative businesses who are passionate about creating a sustainable future for us all.

That’s why we're proud to partner with Lower Hutt-based JT Group, who create and use technology that works to deliver a superior finish to properties across the country.

JT Group is a professional commercial cleaning business with strong experience across multiple industries, and currently partners with PMG to clean five of their industrial and office properties in the lower North Island. They are passionate about creating sustainable, innovative methods to help care for our buildings and protect our environment.

Valuing long-term relationships

PMG has a long-standing relationship with JT Group, who clean PMG's properties in both Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt.

JT Group owner Ray Tomlinson, who joined the family business in 1985, and his close-knit team continue to deliver on JT Group's reputation for excellence while embedding sustainable practices and technology into their products and services. A team of 30 cleans a variety of properties every day across Aotearoa, ensuring each has a well-maintained exterior no matter the season.

In fact, a number of clients in the lower North Island have been on the books since 1985, still receiving a deep clean every 6-12 months.

A keen triathlete and cyclist, it was after water blasting properties in Wellington and heading out for a swim at Oriental Bay when Ray started thinking about where the water his team used to clean some of the local properties ended up.

"Sustainability has been my passion for at least the last 25 years," says Ray.

"For me, wanting to reduce the amount of water we were using that would end up going down the drain was important, and that's what got me interested in developing my products which wouldn't consume as much water."

Pursuing net zero, one drop at a time

Ray and his team of engineers have successfully developed products and solutions designed to reduce overall water consumption, including Aotearoa’s first 100 per cent electric rechargeable commercial pressure washer, the automatic robotic building wash machine, and a waterless cleaning system. Under JT Group's sister company, Summit Building Wash Technologies are the first building wash company in Aotearoa to adopt this technology.

"We are really proud to be leaders driving change within our industry and to introduce these environmentally conscious products to Aotearoa and our clients," says Ray.

"We are always developing our technology to make sure that when we have finished cleaning a property the environment is left the same way it was found.

“Our team are incredibly passionate about creating products and solutions which are designed to achieve a longer-lasting clean while eliminating the risk of water entering the stormwater systems and using less water than your regular garden hose.

"These machines help reduce water use by around 80 per cent. Alongside this, charging the batteries for the electric water blaster for a year’s use will emit around 400kg of Co2e – whereas petrol use in the same period amounts to around 20,000kg of Co2.

The electric water blaster, which is used across the PMG-owned buildings JT Group services, operates with low noise, zero emissions and uses no fuel.

It's designed to run on a single battery charge and can last at full pressure for over six hours at continuous use - this equates to a full day of operating under normal conditions.

Just one rechargeable water blaster in Ray’s fleet will reduce carbon emissions by 4 per cent.

Continuous innovation

Ray’s second product, the automatic robotic building wash machine, is a safer, faster, and more sustainable solution compared to more traditional methods of using abseilers to clean high-rise buildings.

"By using rolling brushes, like a car wash, the machine moves up and down the building by a winch system and it's also powered by rechargeable batteries. Not only does this method reduce water usage by 85 per cent, but we also don't need to use chemicals," says Ray.

Ray’s goal is to have a fully electric fleet of water blasters by the end of 2023, and on JT Group’s current trajectory, they’ll be electric at least six months earlier than their original goal.

It’s with this success in mind that makes PMG's Head of Facilities Management, Simi Mukherjee, proud to partner with JT Group, particularly as PMG continue to innovate and create sustainability-led solutions in the maintenance industry.

"At PMG, we know that being a driving force for sustainability is good for all of us - from our tenants and investors to the wider public," says Simi.

"We're committed to environmental sustainability and we know there's growing interest from our clients and partners in this area as we work to reduce waste and our environmental footprint across PMG's portfolio, towards greener buildings.

"JT Group's Aotearoa-first solutions are making huge advances in the maintenance sector, and we’re delighted to partner with such an innovative team to care for our lower North Island properties.

“We know we’re in good hands with JT Group. Our investors can be assured these properties are continuing to contribute towards reliable returns while retaining quality tenants in energy efficient spaces,” says Simi.

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