Asset Management - Lease/Tenant Management

Property Managers Group are experts in attracting and keeping the tenants you want.

Ensuring that your investment works means that we actively grow relationships with existing tenants and market strategically to new ones.
We handle lease and compliance requirements, while keeping paperwork in-house to reduce your costs.

  • Strategic building management.
  • Strong financial management focused on growing sustainable net operating income.
  • The supervision and administration of all tenancies and tenant related matters pertaining to the property.
  • Partnership approach with our customers (tenants) to ensure retention and the attraction of new tenants to our buildings.

Contractor Management

We’ve spent 25 years building relationships and partnerships with our contractors. Our rigorous contractor selection process ensures that only the most reliable, safe and quality providers are selected. We also conduct regular audits of contractors and monitor their activity via Forsite.

  • Appoint and supervise all maintenance and service contractors required to maintain the property and services to an appropriate standard.
  • Managed ongoing contractor performance and ensuring health and safety policy and procedures are adhered to at all times.

Health & Safety

PMG take their obligations for ensuring the well-being, health and safety for people on their sites very seriously. In fact, we’ve developed our own market leading technology solution – Forsite.

Forsite is a revolutionary digital health and safety tracking, recording and time management solution. It minimises the many risks of contractors working on sites, in immediate and real time.

  • Prepare and maintain a Health and Safety Scheme for the property in respect of all statutory and other responsibilities for the physical wellbeing of persons on the property.
  • Manage health and safety requirements for all contractors, including inductions and permits.
  • Document and maintain a site hazards register.
  • Track and monitor contractors onsite, using Forsite.
  • Provide health and safety compliance reporting, via Forsite.

24/7 Service Helpdesk

We have a dedicated 24/7 helpdesk which captures all service calls and helps resolve any urgent service requests. We work with our preferred and trusted portfolio of service providers and manage a preventative maintenance plan so we can best service the assets and reduce the call outs.

We have a web based service which has some huge benefits:

  • Easy tracking of job requests
  • Our helpdesk can capture requests and work in a timely manner
  • Enables us to generate a service history to ensure assets are performing as desired
  • Give updates on job status


We take compliance seriously and know from experience that maintaining compliance requires good systems, proactive auditing of providers and strong attention to detail.

  • Arrange for the annual Building Warrant of Fitness to be issued by the territorial authority in accordance with the Building Act 2004.
  • Liaise with Territorial Authorities as required.
  • Manage all other matters including approvals, inspections and reports reasonably pertaining to the administration and management of the property in accordance with the Property Management Agreement, the principles of property management, and compliance with appropriate legislation.


Facilities Management

Our Property Management and Facilities Management teams work closely in providing proactive, but also responsive management of property maintenance and services requirements.This includes:

  • Management of day-to-day essential services.
  • A 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Effective service contract management (we have the benefit of negotiated Group contracts).
  • Budgeting and management of operating expenditure.
  • Systems and processes to maximise the economic life of assets.
  • Optimising asset operational efficiency: Energy efficiency, Services efficiency

Project Management

At PMG we know when improvements will boost a property’s returns. We’re skilled project managers, offering everything from feasibility studies through to refurbishment with our construction partners, or assistance with landlord base-builds and tenancy fit-outs.

  • Property strategic assessments.
  • Project feasibility studies.
  • Re-positioning / development strategies and project management – incorporating full budgets, quantity surveys and forecasts.
  • Tenancy planning and lease negotiations.
  • Building signage rights.

Financial Management

Financial administration requirements for a property are extensive. From budget strategy, operational expense (OPEX) setting and administration, day to day accounts administration and receivables, through to end of year reconciliations. We leverage the financial team of PMG, who administer over $220m worth of property under management.

  • Setup of bank accounts and authorities.
  • Manage the collection of all rent payments and other incomings in respect of the property.
  • Manage the payment of all expenses and outgoings related to the property out of the income of the property.
  • Pay distributions to owners and investors, supported by relevant documentation.
  • Prepare financial reports including quarterly reports and audited annual financial statements.

Leasing car spaces

We have a variety of car parks for lease in and around the city with a range of prices.

Contact us to discuss where you would like to park. We will take your details and contact you when a space becomes available.

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